Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blips On My Radar Screen

I have a confession to make. My life is not perfect.

That probably doesn't come as any big surprise, few, if any of us lead perfect lives. (And if you do, I really don't want to hear about it.)

I've alluded to the fact in past posts that this year has been one that could safely be characterized as a bit of an on-going trial. The trial, in and of itself is not horrendous. There was no awful event that set it off. It has been more in the nature of small events (barely blips on the radar screen of life) that are challenging me to walk faithfully in the footsteps of my Lord. Events that ask me if I trust Him to work things out for the best.

So, that is the big question. Do I trust my Savior? The One who created me, bled and died for me, forgives me and loves me unconditionally?

Well , when I ask myself the question like that (and I frequently do), the answer is yes. But if I just stare at the circumstance in front of me, instead of being the mole hill that it is, it becomes a huge mountain and it's easy to think, "no."

I am a big picture sort of gal. I like to know all that is going on. I like to know what my destination is. I like to anticipate pitfalls that I might trip over, mountains that might require extra equipment. But sometimes that is not what God gives me. He doesn't always give me the big picture. He just shows me the next step and tells me, "Don't worry, I can see the big picture and that is all that is necessary." So it comes down to trust. Do I trust my Savior?


Even when I get overwhelmed by my immediate mole hill. Even when I don't know the big picture. Because I serve a big God. A God who loves me and is more than worthy of all my trust, love, honor, devotion and praise. And He cares about the blips on my radar screen.


Linda said...

Truly, truly believing that he cares about the blips has always been tough for me. It's nice to read something articulated that many feel and can't quite express. Thanks for being vulnerable.

jodi said...

So true! Thanks for sharing. :)