Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year and The Holiday Travel Hangover

Hello everyone!

I'm back...and boy what a Christmas and New Year's we had. We traveled....a. lot. I think that it's quite possible that if we had driven in a strait line we would have driven at least halfway across the United States. Yes...that's how much traveling we did.

And we never left that state we live that's not really saying much as we do live in one of the larger states in the Union. But it did make us decide this was the absolutely last year we are doing this.

Traveling, I mean.

We've been married for eighteen years and for those eighteen years we have lived at least five hours and more away from our immediate families. And for eighteen years we have packed ourselves and our gifts up and traveled to see family.

Now don't get me wrong. We love our family. But friends...I would dearly love to stay home for Christmas. Home. The place where I live. Because after eighteen years home isn't where I or my husband grew up.

I could get all sentimental right now about never being able to go home again, or about home being where the heart is, or home being where my husband and kids are. But this is not a Hallmark moment I'm having. I just don't want to travel that much during the holidays anymore.

And sleep in a variety of beds.

And eat at weird hours.

And eat rich food (which tastes really good but doesn't always settle well).

And go to bed too late.

And get up too early.

Because at forty-three...the recovery time is...errr...shall we say a lot slower than it was at twenty-five.

But having said all that we did have a wonderful time with our families, and were blessed in a myriad of ways, not just with presents. I hope to write a little more about that in the next couple of days...I'm still just letting my thoughts and feelings about our Christmas gel a little before I write about them. God showed me some really neat things this year and I'm still thinking on them and processing them in my heart and mind.

So anyway...Hello again! It's good to be back and I hope everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Day!


Shawna said...

Hi Cyndy! Welcome home! I hear you on the traveling thing...that's why we pretty much don't do it. Of course its easier for us. Most of our extended family are not too eager to host our family of 6 with 2 3-year-olds. The invitations are starting to come now that potty training has happened, but when we traveled with 2 cribs, 2 highchairs, and a cord of diapers, pretty much NO ONE asked us to come. Which was fine with us.

Hope you settle in quickly and peacefully ! Love you my friend!

Robin Lambright said...

Hey there! Glad your home safe and sound. I understand how you feel about not wanting to travel during the holidays. My family is all local and I still am adverse to being away from my own home on Christmas. We do it occasionally but for the most part we stay at home. I will say it is nice to have my Christmas morning with my pj's and leiserly have breakfast and then dinner later. My oldest joined us for dinner (he lives on his own, this was the first Christmas that he was not at home for Christmas morning) a bit strange but time move on. It wont be to much longer before it will be just the hubby and me. WOW what a concept.

An way glad your back

Anonymous said...


I have only had to leave twice in the last 8 years or so, and I still complain. We went to Chico, and had a WONDERFUL time with my parents, step-siblings, and nieces and nephews, but as we left on Christmas day, there were inches of freshly fallen snow, a bright blue sky, and TONS of scenes just waiting to be photographed. But I had to keep driving to the big city. Sigh. I am a total homebody at Christmas, and a scrooge about traveling. I can't imagine traveling as much as you guys did. I do want to hear all about it though, so blog away, my friend! Love ya, Frances

Anonymous said...

Hey Cyndy, good to see you back in blogland! Oh my, I couldn't do all that travelling...I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Glad you had a good Christmas though...oh and Happy New Year!!

(love your new blog theme...very pretty!) :)