Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, did you ever have anything that you knew you really needed to do for your health but totally and completely didn't want to? I mean, you know that you will feel better, sleep better, be happier if you just did this thing?

Well that's where I am at right now. I need to go on a diet. Not just because I need to lose weight (which I do) but because I would be healthier. The thing about the diet I need to go on is that it means taking certain things out of my eating line up...sugar, cheese, mushrooms, anything with vinegar, bread, pasta, white rice and potatoes, anything else with wheat, rye or barley, anything with yeast in it, certain fruits high in molds and funguses

You see I have this little problem with candida in my system. Occasionally I have to get REALLY disciplined and limit my foods so that my system can get back in balance. Unfortunately, for me, it's not just a matter of eating some yogurt and taking some's a matter of cleaning up my system. I've gotta stay away from certain foods and take a bunch of different supplements.

I hate it.

I love the results. I usually lose weight and get into clothes I haven't worn in awhile...and right now I have 15 pounds to lose and I am definately pushing the limits of my clothing selection. As in if I don't lose some weight I've got to buy some clothes in the next size...AND I REFUSE TO DO THAT!

So I've almost reconciled myself to this thing. But I've decided to approach it slowly. I'm taking the month of January to get my portion sizes down (I've been eating like a farmhand lately), reduce my sugar intake and start taking a few breads and pastas out. I'm also getting back in the habit of exercising regularly. I also need to start weaning myself off caffeine...grrr. That's the one I am really not looking forward to.

(Whine) I like my coffee....and my creamer. (Pouting)

This is definately going to take some discipline and a lot of prayer.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13


Gina said...

Is it possible to have coffee in moderation?

I love Land O Lakes fat free half n half? Its pretty good and 0 WW points for two tablespoons.

I have a heart condition and can't have regular coffee. I drink Maxwell House lite. Its half the caffeine. I have one cup a day and that's it. Its just enough to give me a boost but not enough to affect my heart.

Now that I've derailed your good plans...congratulations on your efforts to be healthy.

WendyGram said...

this is a test

WendyGram said...

Okay, now for reals--I finally figured this thing out--I think! You can do it Cyndy! You will feel so much better. Almost a year after being on my restricted diet, I feel sooo much better--it's worth it. Not easy but worth it. The bread cravings never really go away though. Then we'll go shopping for thin clothes!

Shawna said...

Oh Cyndy, not fun! I'm on the weightloss road too. The first week is a real bummer, but after seeing the scale move a bit, the sacrifice has a little more purpose. I'll pray for you. Candida is a real burden to bear. Glad to hear you have a good sense of humor....when I reach the point when I either needed to a.) buy bigger clothers, or b.) stay in my pjs all day...that was my turning point! And speaking of eating like a farmhand, I gained 5 big ones in December!!