Monday, February 18, 2008

A Few New Things

I am finding it increasingly difficult to find the amount of time I would like to have to do all the blogging I would like to do. That includes trying to write posts.

That is why they are so far and few between.

I'm trying, don't give up on me!

Anyway....I have found time to add a couple of blogs to my favorites list. These blogs are not only among my favorites but they happen to be written by a couple of my favorite people in-real-life.

Shawna who used to blog As Simple As Two Plus Two shut down that blog and started a new one. It's called We Lift Our Eyes Up and true to her wonderful organizational abilities, it is also well organized. It also promises to be a wealth of information for anything from how to cook beans (she is my bean guru) to homeschooling.

My other dear friend Jen is blogging over at Grace and Glory. She and her husband recently adopted three wonderful kiddos from Liberia. They, along with their brother already in residence are truly a joy to be around.

Both Shawna and Jen have recently written posts that have really challenged my thinking on what Christianity looks like in action. Be sure to go and check them both out!

I have also joined a forum for homeschoolers called Homeschool Hackers. If you scroll down a ways you will see the button there on the left of the page. It's brand new, I think the site just went up today. It promises to be a great place for encouragement and ideas for all you homeschoolers out there. Click on the button and check that out!

Yeah, okay, this wasn't the most inspiring post of all time but I hope you have fun checking out the new stuff.

And please....please....keep visiting!

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Anonymous said...

I consider beans to be more "musical", than "flavorful." :)~Sam