Monday, June 2, 2008

Of Yard-Sales, Chickens & Mushrooms

Well the yard sale, or garage sale, or whatever you want to call it that I spoke about in this post went off pretty well. That is, aside from the fact that when Husband and I opened the garage door to put the tables out at 6:45 AM there were already people standing in our drive-way. Oh, and did I mention we advertised for the sale to start at 7:30AM AND our car was still sitting in the drive-way? We asked them to give us five minutes, which they...didn't...and finally I had to ask one lady to please move out of the way and to please not go in our garage until we put the tables out.

After that things went well. Happily the big items sold and did not have to be stored in the garage again.

Among the items that I wanted to see go were a pair of heart shaped wicker wreaths that you see a picture of below. My friends were cracking up at me as we were pricing things on Friday because I kept telling them little stories behind everything. Finally when I got to the wicker wreaths Jen (from Grace and Glory) said, " have got to blog about this!!!!"

So now I will tell you the silly little (and I do mean little) story behind these wreaths.

You see I've had these wreaths years. I got them at a close out sale a fabric store was having in the town Husband and I met and married in. I always had the intention of doing something with know like putting some dried flower arrangements in them and hanging them on the wall with a pretty ribbon or something. But in never happened. Everytime I would go through my craft things I would think, "This time I'm going to get to those and do something with them."...and...I never did, or have, or whatever. Finally, this time, in my bid to be a little more ruthless I decided to price them and put them on the sale table!

Which I did.

...and I still have them. Yep, that's right. They are now so out of date decor wise, that they did not sell.

On to the chickens.

They are growing and displaying signs of being what they are...chickens. We let them wander around the yard during the day when the dog is at work with Husband. They munch bugs, fight over worms, eat my roses and poo Things in the greenhouse attached to the house are getting very dusty and...errr...poo-y...sooooo the chickens are moving this weekend to new digs further out in the yard. Away from the house. In an enclosed chicken area. Where they can poo to their little hearts' content. I'll post some pictures next week after we have the new coop built and show you what their new place looks like.
We have been amazed at their rate of growth. I never knew chickens grew so fast! Our only concern right now is whether they are hens or roosters. One of them seems to be maturing a little faster than the others in her comb and wattle area. If in fact she is a he, he will have to be moved to our friends place out in the country. We don't want to call any attention to ourselves with a rooster in the suburbs.

Thanks to all the rain and warm temperatures last week, the chickens were able to feast on a delicacy. Mushrooms.

I point you to the picture below as an example of what I found in our yard on Friday. That was the first dry enough day we had had so that I could go out and check on the garden. At first I noticed a mushroom here and there. Then I started really looking at the ground and discovered we had almost as many mushrooms in our lawn as blades of grass.

To say the least, I was a little creeped out. Apparently we have one big fungus among us, lurking just below.
We're supposed to have more rain tomorrow and again later in the week. I'm sure the mushrooms will appreciate it. And so will the chickens.


Gina said...

Great title and very funny post!

godlover said...

I love your chickens. I grew up on a farm with chickens and I'd love to be able to have chickens now. (They make wonderful pets.)But they do leave little piles of poo everywhere for you to step in with your bare feet. That always gets the adrenaline flowing. Sorry your wreaths didn't sell. Sounds like people in your area get very excited at yard sales. They wouldn't even let you put your things out before they came plowing through your stuff!! And so early in the morning!!! Hope you made a little money and got rid of a lot of things you wanted to get rid of. Loved your post.

Calaveras County CA

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh yeah, them there yard sale goers are feisty and insistive. Seriously, that regular yard sale goer has a certain characteristic. The exact same thing happened to us. Our truck was in the driveway and the door shut yet they were still there. As soon as we opened the door they came in. Kind of rude but oh well. One reason I do host yard sales anymore.

As for the heart baskets, I would say that you should be ever so generous to your local Goodwill and DONATE THEM, GIRL! You MAY have to seek counseling and assistance to help you go through the separation but YOU CAN DO IT, GIRL! YOU CAN!

So, do them there chickens stay inside that little fence?

I too have mushrooms but mine are about scarey and freaky!

Cyndy said...

Hi Paula!
That's exactly what I plan on doing...I guess I should have mentioned that in my post. We have a local Hospice group that runs a thrift store here so that's where I usually take all my left over yard sale stuff.
The little fence is actually to keep the dog out of the garden. The chickens go anywhere they want...hence they will be having their wings clipped very soon. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Jen said...

oh my! It is really funny that those baskets didn't sell! I'm glad you posted the picture - good motivation to GET RID of more stuff I just don't need to keep! See you soon!