Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Coffee or Not To Coffee

My husband had his gall bladder removed as a New Year's Eve present this last year. In fact the hospital is still sending us little notes on a monthly basis congratulating us on visiting them and requesting donations...HA!

Anyway, as a result of that we discovered he had elevated cholesterol levels and needed to make some changes in his diet. I now buy egg substitute and oatmeal in bulk from Costco, soy milk, and heart-healthy margarine. (The kids and I maintain a full on cholesterol diet.) He also decided that he needed to give up coffee and tried to convince me to do it too. We did it for awhile earlier in the year, then we were back on, recently we were back off and now we're back on again. During the first time we were back on we tried to drink only decaf. Now we are back on half caf/half decaf organic coffee. And if we go to Starbuck's or any other coffee outlet it's full on caf with the heart attack.

Our problem when we were off coffee or only drinking decaf was that we were seeking caffeine from other sources which were loaded with sugar and carbination. We decided that that was worse than the coffee and also a lot more expensive since we couldn't brew it at home. I also discovered that with the current formula of half calf/half decaf that I actually feel better. Okay, yes I know caffeine is a drug and it's little wonder I feel better on it but I do know people who simply cannot handle the stuff. I, on the other hand, do better when I have a little (notice I said little) caffeine in the morning. I usually don't have anymore for the rest of the day.

So what does this all mean? I don't know. Maybe just that it's all about moderation. When we over do anything whether it's coffee or chocolate or whatever it's going to have adverse effects. Also that there can't be a one-size fits all approach to diet. Some people can tolerate things that others can't.

The only thing that you can't overdo is time with God and worshipping Him.

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Rick said...

I hope that he didn't wrap the thing and put it under the tree. I had my removed a number of years ago too - never consider using it as an expression of my love to my wife. Still, not a cheap gift.