Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Because a Chicken is a Wondrous Thing....

I needed to post something fun because...well...all I've got running around in my brain right now are these really serious subjects having to do with truth, freedom of speech and Ben Stein. That and we are seriously thinking of adding chickens to our way of life.

We were sitting at supper last evening when Husband says, "I really want to keep chickens!"

"Okay!" says I.

"Oh yes Daddy! Please!" says Daughter.

"WHAT?!?!?!" says Son. His main concern was that this would in some way mean more work for him. Which indeed it very well may. He needs more work. He needs to know that work is good. But that's another post.

After supper Husband started surfing the web about chickens. WOW. There is a. lot. of information out there. We found a couple of sites that were interesting. Even if you never want to keep chickens you ought to check these out. The site we actually bookmarked was Keeping Chickens In Your Backyard. We signed up for the newsletter and also received a free on-line book about getting your chickens to lay 200 eggs a day.

I don't really want my chickens to lay 200 eggs a day. But was free!

I should mention that we live within city limits. From what we've heard from others we can keep four chickens without a rooster. They, of course, would be "pets" and if one happens to die and end up on our dinner know... it gave it's life for a good cause.

Well, that's my post on chickens. Don't be surprised if there are more to come.

Because a chicken is a wondrous thing.


Shawna said...

Hee hee hee hee hee! Great little video clip. Yes, chickens ARE wonderous little creature. We have 27 of them in our backyard. Jacob has read the Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens cover to cover. We are no strangers to poultry husbandry, as we both grew up on farms. Having birds in the backyard is really about the easiest form of animal agriculture there is...and its very rewarding, fresh eggs, fertilizer for your vegetable garden, insect control if they are free range...and YES, meaningful WORK for the kids!! I love it. Work is good. I look forward to hearing further thoughts about this.

Robin Lambright said...

I love the muppets. Too funny! Can't wait to here how this turns out.

Linda said...

When I had my silkies in the backyard of my city dwellin', I belonged to I even had some pictures posted there of our "coop," which is using the term loosely. OH, how I love coming here just for chicken news.

Ros said...

Great work.