Sunday, April 27, 2008

Because this is terribly scientific you know.

Because I've been known to get a little grouchy without my daily dose and because Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee had this posted and because I love me a good latte and because I love doing these little quiz things....well here's what my latte says about me. What does your latte say about you?

What Your Latte Says About You

When it comes to what you like, you have your own unique tastes. And people don't really understand them.

You can be quite silly at times, but you know when to buckle down and be serious.

You have a good deal of energy, but you pace yourself. You never burn out too fast.

You're totally addicted to caffeine... but you like to pretend like you aren't!

You are a child at heart, and you don't ever miss the opportunity to do something playful.

You are deep and thoughtful, but you are never withdrawn.

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jodi said...

My latte says I'm on a diet! Sugar free, small, and not very often! LOL!

Btw, just wanted to say that for some reason your last comment went into my spam so I just read it today! Thanks for the Preschoolers and Peace link. I think I had seen it before, but forgotten. Kendra has some great advice!

Have a great day!