Monday, April 7, 2008

Yes, I'm still here!

As you may have noticed I took an unplanned, unexpected, short blogging break. The kiddos and I went South to visit my parents and see that, yes, Spring is coming. We're just two or three weeks behind.

It's very hard to see Spring, spend a few days enjoying Spring and then return to the north pole wintry conditions. Ahhh well, the weather man says it will be warming up this weekend...we'll see.

While we were down in the world of Spring we hit my favorite little used book shop in the world. (I would tell you where it is but then you would know where I live and Husband has asked that I keep that on the QT.) I don't know what the square footage of the shop is but I do know is stacked floor to ceiling with books. There is never enough time to explore them all.

My Dad gave me a little volume that he bought there awhile back called A Book of Courage. It has all sorts of wonderful quotes in it inspiring one to keep up ones courage. It was printed in 1924. It's as charming to look at as it is inspiring to read. Quotes come from such greats as Theodore Roosevelt, Samuel Longfellow, Emerson, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to name a few.

This quote (following) was especially inspiring to me at this season in life when I am mothering, teaching, being a wife and doing all the myriad of other things I do to take care of my family.

Let us be content to work
To do the things we can, and not presume
To fret because it's little
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I think sometimes I do "fret because it's little". This reminded me that raising and loving my children and loving and taking care of my husband is no little thing. It is what I was made to do and I take joy in that. I take joy in knowing that I am doing exactly what my Lord and Savior wants me to do and that I am smack dab in the middle of His will.


Linda said...

Cyndy, I just have a minute between returning from the dentist and going to work, but I was so struck by your comment about gluten that I didn't want to wait to reply. I didn't see your email address, so sorry for the long comment ... Girl, I think you should check this out. Do you know that there are many, many false positives? And you may have a sensitivity but not Celiac. I think you should start Googling secondary symptoms and maybe get the blood panel done, if you are struggling health wise. The gold standard is a colon biopsy, but I would not do that myself because I don't have IBS like so many Celiacs do. I'm just suspicious since I'm allergic to so much that I'm sensitive to this and it may be the answer to psoriasis and canker sores, etc. Is your daughter still struggling? I hope not. Also, you could just plan out a week of gluten-free eating and see if any of your or her symptoms ease up. But you do have to read every label. The gluten is hidden in other terminology, so research those, too. Basically, the more simple you eat (meat, potatoes, rice, veggies, fruits) the safer you are. So mixes like Hamburger Helper would be a no-no. I just loved baked goods and cereals, though. If I turn out to be sensitive, then I'll tackle baking in a new way. I'd do anything to relieve these allergies! Have a great Tuesday. Linda

Gina said...

The EBB quote really spoke to me today. I'm writing it down and posting it in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

godlover said...

I think I often fret because it's little. Little time. Little energy. Little reason. Little need. Little offering. But I do all I can and that's all that God's asking of me right now. Last night I was fretting a lot over things that were little but the Holy Spirit convicted me and I put things away until such time that I can come back to them without all the fretting. Ever have that happen? And I absolutely LOVE used books stores. My favorite of all time was a little store in downtown Walnut Creek called "Hooked on Books." I found more treasures in that little store than should have been allowed by law! The problem was that I would go and start looking and the next thing I knew they were asking me to go because it was closing time. I lost days in that little store.

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