Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Little Pity Party

At any given time I have a number of things running around in my brain that I would like to blog about. Of course I rarely, if ever, jot these thoughts down so that I have them handy when I finally get a moment to sit down and post something on my blog. So here I sit this morning with little snippets of thoughts racing through my brain and about 20 minutes of spare time to try and gather them up and write something coherent about them.


So what you get to hear about today is my upcoming oral surgery and all the ramifications thereof.

On April 25th I go to the oral surgeon to be put under and have a tooth worked on. This tooth has been a problem tooth to put it mildly. About three years ago I had a crown put on it. Two years ago it had a root canal done. Yes, that is in reverse order, which ought to tell you something about this tooth. At the time my dentist did the root canal he had a hard time cleaning out one of the roots, though he did his best. Now, it is infected again. It's a sort of low grade infection that doesn't really bother me except that I have been very tired the last few months because my body has been busy fighting this infection.

Finding all this out is actually an answer to prayer. Since the middle of last fall I have been tired and lethargic, as I mentioned. I've been trying everything I can think of with diet and exercise to try and beat this tiredness, to no avail. Of course, I should have been praying about it first but that came rather later. The Lord though, is faithful. He loves and cares for His children and is The Great Physician. At my last teeth cleaning and x-ray session the dentist discovered the infection in this tooth. The Lord then impressed on me that this is partly the answer to my tiredness.

Hallelujah! (Please notice that there is a band of heavenly angels singing that!)

Now one of the things I am really not looking forward to about this whole surgery thing, aside from being put under, is that I'm going to have to take a course of penicillin. As I mentioned in a previous post I have candida issues. Antibiotics are not helpful in this area. Also, being on a candida diet is no easy thing. It is very restrictive, especially for the first couple of weeks. However, having said all of that, I know that going on my candida diet and following it strictly will definetely help in limiting the adverse side effects of taking the penicillin.


So I covet your prayers. Prayers for self control. Prayers to help me remember why sticking to this diet is important. Prayers that everything with the surgery on the tooth goes well. Prayers that my body begins to feel better.

On the up-side of all of this though is the fact that I will more than likely lose 5 pounds rather quickly! Who can complain about that? I'll also be addressing a couple of health issues. Number one is the candida thing, but I also suspect that I may have some gluten issues. (When you are on a candida diet you must also avoid glutens.) So we'll see how I am feeling after all this. I'm hoping that by the end of May I will be feeling markedly better.

Okay, my wah wah session is over. Thanks for listening to me.

God sends His love and His faithfulness. ~Psalm 57:3b (NIV)


Gina said...

Oh dear. That's a long time to be fighting an infection. I have a dentist appointment on the 24th so it will be easy for me to remember to pray for you.

Linda said...

I sure feel for ya. I'm so sorry you have the candida thing on top of dealing with the oral surgery. I had the gluten test done last week, but I really don't think I'm sensitive. I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...


I will definitely be praying. Like I said, my calendar is marked. I have no idea what candida is and what it has to do with penicillin, but it doesn't sound pretty. I'm sorry you have had this infection brewing in your tooth causing havoc on your body and energy. Thank goodness you at least know what is causing the problem, which makes it much easier to pray. LOVE YA!

Amy said...

Well, at least you've got an idea about what caused the tiredness. And as far as a pity party goes, it wasn't bad. Isn't it great that we can share some of the ugly moments online, perhaps it keeps us from doing it in real life (as much anyway).

Rootin' for ya'!
Sorry, couldn't help myself.