Monday, November 19, 2007

Changes, Changes, Changes

In a former life I was a Graphic Designer. That was some...ahem...twenty years ago. Computer graphics was still in it's infancy and so I was mainly trained in old origination and print techniques. No one had heard of the world wide web and blogging...what was that? There was hardly any going to a computer to generate type. You went to a typesetter. Computers were for data and maybe some word processing.

And then life took a new and different turn in which I moved away from the cutting edge of Graphic Design and into the world of handmade crafts and tole painting. Anything "manufactured" or computer generated was abhorant.

After the craft world came the kiddos...a whole new world of creativity and sleepless nights!

Now here I sit with the desire to design my own blog and none of the tools I need. Actually I am in the process of acquiring some of those tools but it is taking a little longer than I want. Sigh.

So what am I getting at here? Well, in case you hadn't noticed I changed the template for my blog. Currently my only options are what Blogger has available. But you just wait until I have the tools to really make some changes! In the meanwhile, don't be surprised if you come to my blog one day and it looks totally different from the day before or something is just a little wonky. I hope that this won't keep you from reading it though. I do have some ideas rolling around in my head and when I can finally execute them things won't be changing.

I think...well I hope not...well know us creative types.


Anonymous said...

I love the changes! I can't handle my daily life without occasional changes. I changed my BLOG template quite a bit, but would have no idea how to create my own. I look forward to seeing your different changes, as you decide to do them, but more than that, I love reading your BLOG! I check it every day. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Love the change of format! As they say, "Variety is the Spice of Life," right? Can't wait to see what creative design you come up with next. Somehow I just didn't get that "creative" gene in my DNA. If it wasn't for Art, I would have had a perfect report card most of the time throughout my elementary school years. Guess it kept me humble. :) ~Sam

Gina said...

Looks good!

I have no artistic talent and no technical skills. Thank goodness for my husband who has a good eye for things and the tech skills.