Thursday, November 29, 2007

Walking Down Memory Lane

I tend to get nostalgic this time of year. It's really kind of pathetic. I've been known to mist up when I hear the first measure of Carol of the Bells waiting at the check-out in W*l-M*rt.

The picture above is of me and my Mom, Christmas 1966. Isn't she beautiful? And don't you just want to pinch my cheeks? She's looking out of my Grandparents three, huge plate glass windows. There is more than likely snow outside (the house is in Wisconsin). The windows looked out into their huge backyard which backed up on their own private woods. I have never asked my Mom if she remembers what she was looking at in this picture, but I remember seeing bright red Cardinals out those windows in the winter.

My Grandfather built that house with his own hands and took a lot of good natured ribbing for building a slab foundation house with three huge plate glass windows in the middle of Wisconsin. He put those windows in for my Grandmother. She loved to watch the birds and wildlife out of them. He also built her a special sunroom to keep extra, especially warm in during the winter months. You can see it in the background of the picture below.
That's my Grandma by the way. She had the merriest eyes and cutest little giggle you can imagine.
There are many, many more memories I have of my Grandparents and their home. They are both gone now and I do miss them. But I love wallowing in my memories every once in awhile. This time of year seems to be appropriate what with another year closing and a new one beginning.
Thanks for sharing my memories with me today. Incidentally, my livingroom has three big plate glass windows.


Gina said...

Growing up in Michigan, we had a big picture window in the living room. My grandparents had (well still do) a similar window. From a heating efficiency perspective, they don't make much sense but are so nice!

Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had grandparents like I did. So wonderful. My grandma was a "saint" and it was so hard to see her go, but I know we'll be together again. Her name was Frances also.

Great got me thinkin' about old photos now. (smile)